An energy healing session to create relaxation and stress relief while allowing the body to re-balance its systems. Reiki supports and stimulates a person's innate self-healing ability. Prepare to enter a sacred space to release the things that no longer serve you.


  • 30 Min: $40
  • 1 Hour $75




Distance Reiki


  • 20 min: $25 




Chakra and Aura Cleansing/ Crystal Healing

A balancing session designed to assess the problems within the luminous body and correct the flow of energy distributed by its major points, the Chakras. Using sound, energy work, cleansing with sage, palo santo, herbs and other tools, your energy centers will be further opened, and recharged. Finding your flow may bring a sense of peace and clairity within. 


  • 30 Min: $40
  • 1 Hour: $75




Guided Meditation

Want to learn how to meditate? Meditation is a wonderful way to calm you body, mind and spirit, manage stress and connect with your higher self. Guided meditation will give you the tools you need to a calmer state.


  • 1 hour $30




Oracle Card Reading

Oracle cards are a fun and symbolic form of divination, where spirit calls you to focus your powerful energy. We ask specific or general questions for clairity and empowerment.


  • 30 min: $30




Tarot Card Reading 

Tarot cards are one of the oldest forms of divination. A book of self knowledge and a powerful tool to receive answers to questions hidden deep within you. Tarot readings help you with the past, present and future. 


  • 30 Min: $40




Astrological Birth Charting

Birth charts help us look deep into how the cosmos were aligned on the day and time of your birth. Offering much more insight than the Sun Signs, Melissa will prepare your chart and explain details about the planatery alignment and how it effects your life.


  • Full birthchart analysis and consultation 30 Min: $75  

This includes a printed version of your birth chart!

Also available to be emailed and consult via Skype.




Marriage Officiant and Handfasting

Melissa is ordained and available to preferm your marriage ceremony by the Univeral Life Church. She is open to any style ceremony from casual, to formal, traditional and non-traditional, religious and non religious. A travel fee may be applied to those outside of a 25 mile radius of the Livonia and Grand Haven Michigan areas.


  • Officiant: $150 
  • Officiant with rehersal $200




Personalized Services


Melissa encourages a consultation and creating a personalized treatment program for clients. Focused on the obtaining your goal with energy work and alternative healing. Please contact for more information and pricing.




Other alternative and holistic services are available. Melissa has many interests, such as personal coaching, rituals, Reiki I & II classes, crystal healing classes and more.








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